Why Truly:


Believe it or not, content and social have ROI and, even moreover, that ROI is measurable. Here are a few examples:

  • Reducing cost per acquisition (CPA) on ads - a content strategy aimed at growing engagement leads to a drastic reduction in CPA.

  • Increased retention - a B2B customer community that scales customer service and reduce attrition.

  • Optimize SEO - a brand publication with in-depth, media-rich content drives an increase in organic search results.

Whatever your goals, there is a social approach to achieving them. 


#2. Insights-Driven STRATEGIES

 We don’t make decisions in a boardroom. We’re allergic to “brainstorming.” Our strategies are based on insights, which are based on in-depth research.

Using an arsenal of powerful academic reports, statistics, analytics data, social intelligence tools, social listening techniques, interviews, articles, studies, surveys, and more, we pull qualitative and quantitative data to get as much of a picture of who your audience is as possible. Our analysis of that data uncovers insights (which we also stress test), which unveil the strategic direction.

From there, we build actionable plans that work.

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 12.55.00 PM.png


…in other words, we don’t recommend anything that we haven’t tested ourselves. We’re not going to jump on any bandwagons or recommend the latest “trend” in marketing because it’s being hyped up. We’ll use ourselves as guinea pigs and do the testing before we recommend anything.

We’ve seen lots of trends come and go. We don't just preach...we practice and have done it for years (with great success). We've been online content creators for decades. We've been working with influencers (and are influencers ourselves) from before they were called influencers (and are also leery about what’s happening in this space). We've been building online communities since before there were even browsers (we’re still bullish on this aspect!).

Social and digital aren't 'add-ons,' we pioneered these practices.

"Often labeled a pioneer of online and social marketing, (Tara Hunt) has been an observer of the realm's development and a force in influencing it." – Entrepreneur Magazine, 2013

From content marketing and brand publishing to influencer marketing to community creation to paid media and search optimization and beyond, we find the strategy that will help you reach your specific goals. And if you don't know how to set those goals? We're good at that, too.