Why Branded Content Doesn't Work

Over and over again, I see people posting statements like: "Ugh, we don't need any more branded content."*

And though, as a content creator who has successfully used it to build my own business(es) and helped others do the same, I'm pretty bullish on content, I have to admit that I look at what is being flaunted as branded content and have to agree. It's often just adding to the noise.

In this week's video, I cover a few of the reasons why branded content fails (there are 3 common approaches that result in un-engaging noise) and answer the question: Is content right for everyone? (spoiler alert: nope. But I do tell you when it works the best and give some examples)

I've already started putting together the follow-up to this video, which dives into coming up with a great, engaging strategy that will result in the kind of content that your customers and potential customers will SEEK OUT, creating qualified leads.

In this video, though, I give an example where I found my real estate lawyer because of her LinkedIn posts that answered some burning questions I had at the time about negotiating a commercial lease. I'd love to hear from any of you whether you've come across a post or a video or a podcast that has led you to hire someone.

[* This may or may not be related to the phenomenon where every agency I come across, from PR to Advertising to Design and beyond, lists "Content Marketing" on their "full-service roster" (while not being or hiring content creators, journalists, etc). But that's for a whole other video]

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Truly Social is a web series that you can share with your boss or client when they’re not really “getting” social. It’s also the name of my company — where we work with clients on helping them develop their own content series.

I’ve been working on this social stuff for over 19 years and I’ve been a participant in the social web since 1992. My videos (usually) come out twice a month …with ~5 minute “lessons” on what are truly social practices (and what are NOT).