Truly Social and PWL Capital Launch: “Family Matters” with Tony Layton

You know how we’ve been talking about PWL being on a roll? Well it’s safe to say they are nowhere near the end. In fact, their CEO and Founding partner, Tony Layton has just jumped in on the action with his very own series Family Matter, that’s been carefully crafted by Truly Social to provide you with the sound advice you need to help protect and grow your family’s wealth.

The series is designed to provide Canadian Investors with answers to the most pressing questions they have about their family’s finances and investments like Why you need a financial plan and an investment policy statement, The pros and cons of setting up a family trust, and why fiduciary duty is important And well, who better to ask than someone who has over 37 years of experience in portfolio management while advocating on improving investor protection and wealth management in Canada?

“Once again, PWL Capital has broken barriers by having their CEO and Founding Partner enthusiastically embarking on a commitment to producing regularly scheduled YouTube content. Most executives tell me that they are too busy to engage in social channels, but PWL knows the benefits and Tony was committed to launch a series from early on,” Truly Social President, Tara Hunt, said, “I’m really proud of how this particular series came together. It’s a great reflection of a man who has many years of experience in the industry and still has so much heart for doing the right things for his clients.”

After some practice in front of the camera and determining the best set for Tony, we’ve continued to work closely with him on developing the series, including the concept treatment of the videos (colour palette, animations, logo mark, music, framing) nothing goes unthought about- can you tell.

The inspiration behind the look and feel of his series is an old English aesthetic as Layton has a deep history. Truly Social Inc. has applied a nobel medieval feel, which you will notice through the background music and graphics that have been personally customized by our in house animator, Christian Pearson. The symbol for the series holds dear to Tony and aligns with the Layton family Crest, a falcon.

Here is the first episode in the series that outlines what you need to know about the long arm of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service if you are a US Passport holder living in Canada:

We’re excited to share with you the highly anticipated, Family Matters Series. Make sure to check it out on YouTube and to subscribe to his channel here.

This is the sixth video series we've launched with PWL Capital (DIY Investing with Justin Bender, Your Money, Your Choices with Susan Daley, and No Dumb Questions with Nancy Graham were the first three) Do It Together Financial Planning with Peter Guay and Common Sense Investing with Ben Felix and the seventh content series in total (along with two podcasts: L'Investissement Décomplexé avec Raymond Kerzhero and The Canadian Couch Potato Podcast with Dan Bortolotti).

Stay tuned for more launches in the near future!


PWL Capital Inc. is an independent wealth management firm providing managed portfolio services that help clients reach their goals by combining investment management and ongoing financial planning from offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo.

PWL Capital Inc. is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

[to add to this from a Truly Social perspective...they are also the most open, caring, and conscientious group of financial planners and portfolio managers we've ever met. Selling in the 'give away your knowledge' strategy was not an issue with this group. :) )


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Stefani Forster