How The Agency Model Is Broken - The Truly Social Podcast

How and why the advertising marketing agency is broken

How and why the advertising marketing agency is broken

We're back with the second episode of the Truly Social Podcast! On this week's show we (Tara Hunt + Carlos Pacheco) talk about how the agency model is broken which is strange since Truly Social Inc is an agency!

The tense client-agency relationships, the awful RFP process that burns out employees and ensures shot-in-the-dark "strategies", and the damaging lack of continuity caused by campaign-based thinking and warring agencies are just some of the things that make #agencylife not that great.

No agency is perfect but we're trying to do things differently by opening lines of communication with clients to make sure they learn as we work and build a trusting relationship with them. 

The podcast discussion stems from Tara's video Why The Agency Model in broken on the Truly Social YouTube Channel. 

Make sure to listen until the end to hear about our Truly Social Heroes, our recommendations and picks on people or brands that are being truly social on the web. 

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