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It’s finally here! Welcome to the first episode of the Truly Social Podcast! Coming to you from beautiful downtown Toronto, Canada!

In each episode we deep dive into the topics that make From community to content, influencers to interest graphs, metrics to memes, and everything in between, we’re on a mission to get social back on track.

In our launch episode, we (Tara Hunt + Carlos Pacheco) discuss the issues revolving around basing marketing and advertising results sorely on online metrics. 

The podcast discussion stems from 'Metrics are a Lie' video on the Truly Social YouTube channel.

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Looking at online numbers alone can be deceiving, even with sophisticated targeting, we're seeing traffic coming to our clients' social accounts from places they shouldn't.

A brand's overall advertising results have many layers and shouldn't be based on one platform or medium. Other insights such as content and offline tactics need to be part of better understand the customer's journey

Make sure to listen until the end to hear about our Truly Social Heroes, our recommendations and picks on people or brands that are being truly social on the web. 

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