The Revolution will not be Televised...but if you're lucky, it'll be memed.

On June 20th our founder and CEO Tara Hunt gave a keynote presentation at CTAM Canada (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing)'s annual gathering at Corus headquarters in Toronto. Its safe to say that it was a 

In order to prepare for this talk, Tara poured over multiple reports and studies about the state of the Canadian Media and Entertainment industry. These reports included a lot of hand-wringing over online and American VOD services (Netflix, etc), but really discounted "User-Uploaded Video" (or "User-Generated Content") as largely irrelevant (except for the CRTC, who seems to want to regulate and tax creators). 

So...that's what was focused on in here: UGC, including Creators (and online influencers), remix/mashup culture, STANS/super fans, and social media content in general. 

Three points where the audience winced: 

  1. With the enormous growth in available content, we are seeing a huge appetite for diverse stories - we don't need any more content aimed at white people.

  2. The biggest competitors for attention are your own audience, who are no longer "consumers"...they are creators. And there are many of them and growing.

  3. Content owners, distributors and broadcasters need to stop worrying about people stealing content. Content isn't where the value lies. Attention is where the value lies. You should be encouraging them to steal! It's free marketing!

It's safe to say that the message was controversial for the crowd of network executives but the goal of the presentation was to educate and rase awareness of this phenomenom so that they can learn from creators.