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Welcome to the 11th podcast from Truly...actually, the first Anatomy of a Strategy podcast! Its been some time since our last show but now that we have a new name we’re working towards getting back on track with uploads over the last few weeks.

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In this, the inaugural Anatomy of a Strategy, we build upon Tara’s video on short term tactics and discuss being strategic with your marketing, how the number of marketing channels is now endless and it's easier than ever for individuals and companies to buy ads themselves.

However, there’s not enough stepping back and thinking strategically. Just because you can buy Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Ads doesn’t mean you should!

Here’s a quick history of marketing tactics:

  • The earliest recorded use of spam was 1864 and was the telegraph

  • 1922 the debut of radio advertising

  • The first recorded use of television advertising was in 1941

  • Telemarketing debuted in the 1950s

  • In the 1980s was the debut of database marketing.

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Anatomy of a Strategy podcast is recorded in Toronto, Canada in the offices of Truly Inc. Produced by Carlos Pacheco and Tara Hunt. Podcast editing by Joe Pacheco