Fighting Trolls and Taking Names with Geraldine DeRuiter


Harkening back to a few other episodes, including Nilofer Merchant and Cindy Gallop, we talk with Geraldine regarding a very important topic in the digital world: online harassment.

Why is this so important to talk about here? What does this have to do with strategy? Well, as Geraldine says during our discussion:

"I think that there are certain companies that are struggling to figure out how to reach certain demographic groups, and part of that is because they have no one in that group at all represented at any point in their company."

The missing link over and over again in marketing is that, all too often, we sit in an ivory tower and come up with ideas and campaigns in our boardrooms...boardrooms where only a small sliver of our audience is represented (if that!).

This is a very important conversation and we hope you enjoy!


ALSO! She didn't mention this on the show (but did mention that she's terrible at self-promotion, so there's that), but she just published a book: All Over The Place: Adventures in Travel, True Love, and Petty Theft

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