E3 2017: The Spider-Assassin Anthem

With a full day of E3 still to go, there have already been a crazy number of big announcements! From a new side-scrolling Metroid game to Sony remaking the cult classic hit Shadow of Colossus for PS4, gamers are being given an overwhelming amount of good news.

It would take days to cover all the things to be excited about, hence the event being 3 days, but I’m gonna give you a quick rundown of what I consider the most exciting things to come out of E3 2017 so far. 

3. Assassin’s Creed Origins

Like many people, I’ve fallen OUT of love with the Assassin’s Creed games in recent years due to rushed out/incomplete games. After very underwhelming fan reactions to Unity and Syndicate, not to mention a lackluster stab at a cinematic adventure, Ubisoft knew they had to step up their game…or games. They stopped releasing a Assassin-led romp every year and took two years to make the game they showed the first footage of at E3, Assassin’s Creed Origins.

The latest outing into the world of the Assassins will take us all the way back to… pause for effect… Ancient Egypt! Gameplay and a Cinematic trailer were released online and both are breathtaking. Though I am heavily biased, being a huge fan of Egyptian Mythology, I honestly believe this could be Ubisoft’s best outing for their stab-iest franchise.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out the link here and see what you think!

World Premiere Trailer:

2. Anthem

This one seemed to come out of nowhere! BioWare, famous for such titles as the Mass Effect and Dragon Age, announced and showed the first gameplay footage of one of the most beautiful sci-fi shooters I’ve ever seen!

If you haven’t seen the footage… then what are you reading this article for! Go watch it! But for real, if you haven’t the best thing to picture is a game where you play a jacked up Iron Man on an Avatar meets sci-fi post-apocalpse alien world.

BioWare has said that their intention with this game was to make Anthem a game that people reference the quality of for many years to come and the first footage from the open-world, sci-fi extravaganza sure makes a convincing argument that they will succeed at their goal.

I could go on about how amazing the game looks, but my words couldn’t possibly do it justice. Check out the link below and prepare to be mind-blown!

Anthem Official Gameplay reveal:

1. Spider-Man PS4

Finally, the game that convinced me to get a PS4… Marvel and Insomniac Games’ ‘Spider-Man.’ This game was announced at last years E3, but no actual gameplay footage was shown, just an epic looking cinematic trailer. This year we finally got the gameplay and it looks PERFECT! 

If you’ve played any video games adapted from movies, you probably know that generally… they suck. One of the few exceptions was 2004’s Spider-man 2. It is praised for it’s spectacular open world web swinging which carried over into the next few Spider-Man games, but unfortunately didn’t continue into the ‘Amazing Spider-man games.’ The free-roaming web-swinging in those was underwhelming and the game themselves were pretty average. 

The diminishing quality didn’t really surprise me. Games being rushed out to meet the deadline of a theatric releases have always meant that the game companies don’t have the time to make a great game. Plus the movie studios don’t want the film script leaked so they’ll give a very vague sense of the story which leads to a game with a watered down version of the story in the movies.

To get away from this flawed formula for games, Marvel made the brilliant decision to make their games and movies completely separate from each other. The team up with Insomniac Games is the first leap into this venture to be followed by an Avengers game with Square Enix, known for the Final Fantasy games. The jury is still out whether Marvel will make these games connected in the same fashion as their widely successful cinematic franchise, but regardless, super-hero loving gamers have a lot of quality content to look forward to from Marvel. It may be a bit of a wait, with Spider-man not coming out until 2018 and Avengers likely coming far after, but I’m sure both will be worth the wait!

Hop aboard the hype train and check out the gameplay footage below!

9 Minutes of Spider-man Gameplay:

But hey, these are just my top picks from E3. What are you excited about? and Why? let us know in the comments!

Tara Hunt