Calculating the Worth of a Brand with Tracy Chong


This week we welcome Tracy Chong from Strata Insights to the Anatomy of a Strategy podcast.

Where you can listen:

Tara had the chance to see Tracy and her partner Mark Radha present the concept of Brand Economics at The Gathering in Banff recently and it completely blew her mind.

Tara’s making it her mission to get Tracy in front of as many people as possible so we obviously had to have her on the show.

Things we (Tara) discussed with Tracy.

  • What is Brand Economics?

  • Brand does not equal marketing.

  • Brand valuation is great but there is no actionability out of it and all the factors that influence it.

  • Why does Brand have no KPI’s?

  • How do we define a brand and what affects our perception of a brand’s value

Thanks Tracy for visiting us in the studio! You can connect with Tracy on Linkedin and you learn about Strata Insights on their website at

Thanks for listening!

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