Our Favourite Fools

April Fools Day: The only time in the next four years that you’ll be excited for “fake news.” From WestJet to AirBnB, brands are given a pass in being deceptive for the sake of (often) absurd humour. We’ve rounded up some of the pranks from this past weekend below. Let us know if we missed your favourite one!

WestJet Rebrands as Canada Air #MostCanadian
Who’s the #MostCanadian? It’s apparently WestJet. The Canadian airline ‘rebranded’ as “Air Canada” and showcased just how Canadian an airline can get.

2018 Lexus LC: Lane Valet
We’ve all been there: You’re driving, and you aren’t sure if you’re going to have an anxiety attack or unleash your road-raging on the next person that cuts you off. In theory, Lexus was planning to help with at least one of the many perils of driving: slow drivers. Self-driving cars are soon to be a thing, so who says this idea can’t be?

AirBnB Presents, Humanless Host
It’s time to take the human out of hosting, thanks to AirBnB. I’m all in for creating new and advanced AI, but that quickly changes to a hard ‘no,' once a Skynet vibe starts happening.

Water, by Doritos
Make water bold again, with Doritos.

Doritos Water

What more do you need in the morning than coffee with coffee?

Trudeau vs. Perry
Can you image Chandler from friends in a fistfight? Yea, neither can I. Now can you imagine Chandler beating up our Prime Minister, Justine Trudeau? Yea. Can’t picture it either. Trudeau recently initiated a “rematch” with Matthew Perry over comments he made regarding a schoolyard fight where he said he “beat up Trudeau“ as a child. Whether this is legit or not, it’s a hilarious visual to imagine.

Emirates Airline
Emirates Airline revealed this flamboyantly lavish plane,  noted as the world’s largest commercial aircraft. The triple-decker APR001 included a swimming pool, game room, gym, and parks. This idea may have been a joke, but this would have been flying goals tbh.

I fucking love avocados. Needless to say, the fact that pit-less avocados aren’t a real thing, slightly hurts my soul. 

Sharing is care, but not when it comes to your favorite porn apparently.  The free online streaming porn site gave many users a heart attack after finishing their “business,” by letting them know that their recently watched video is shared with all their friends and family. Yes, even their grandma.

Please enjoy Adele being attacked by a beetle on stage. As much as you'd think this is an April Fools joke, it's not. 


Did we miss one of your favourite pranks from this weekend? Let us know!