What You Call Influencer Marketing is Bull*&$t with Erica Ehm


This week on Anatomy of a Strategy we welcome the 'Martha Quinn of MTV' Erica Ehm!

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Erica is one of Canada's most recognized personalities, having started her career in the mid-80s as the voice of her generation on MuchMusic. She founded and was Editor-in-chief of YummyMummyClub.ca -- one of the first and most influential digital properties for Canadian moms.

Her multimedia resume includes acting, award-winning songwriter, playwright, author, journalist and most importantly, The Yummy Mummy Club. She is a pioneer of social engagement and branded content and now heads Ehm and Co. a "digital marketing agency powered by proprietary technology, insight analysis, expertise, and experience to build better and more authentic consumer experiences and online campaigns that resonate with women".

She joins us in the studio to talk about her career as well as the current state of communities and authenticity on the social web.

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