The Augmented Reality of Things with ARGirl Galit Ariel.


We’re now trying a bi-weekly schedule with Anatomy of a Strategy so expect new podcast episodes every two weeks or so. This week we welcome the ARGirl Galit Ariel.

Galit Ariel AKA The AR girl is a techno futurist, digital hippie & AR aficionado, TED speaker and author of Augmenting Alice – The Future of Identity, Experience & Reality.

If you didn't guess it yet she is passionate about a future of AR and the potential it has to be integrated technology into our everyday lives, but not control it.

She joins Tara and Carlos to talk about the future of life without screens, is AR right for everyone or every brand and the ethics and negative effects of augmented reality. 

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • What are the applications of AR, and is it right for everyone? [07:00]

  • Life without screens? [14:12]

  • The virtual continuum & early examples [25:30]

  • The ethics & negative effects of AR [28:39]

  • What are the benefits and best examples of AR? [34:50]

  • The augmented economy [40:05]

  • The challenges of AR [42:44]

We’d like to extend our thanks to Galit for stopping by the Truly studio. Below you’ll find where you can follow Galit and as well as some of her work. 

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