How SaaS Marketing Differs from B2B Marketing with Georgiana Laudi


The Anatomy of a Strategy podcast is back! After a short end of summer break, we are back with a slew of new episodes and an amazing lineup of industry expert guests.

This week, we welcome Georgiana Laudi. Georgiana is a SaaS Marketing & Growth Advisor. She’s been guiding brands, products and campaigns to life online for 20 years. working with big brands and early-stage startups, but her true sweet spot for the last 10 years has been helping high-growth SaaS companies scale. 

She runs Elevate where she and her co-founder offer exec-level growth strategy & support to scaling Software-as-a-Service businesses

She also co-hosts Forget The Funnel which provides weekly workshops and training for SaaS marketers with new video workshops each week, a library of tools & templates used by experts in the tech marketing space, and a comprehensive training program.

Topics that we discussed during in the podcast: 

  • What is SaaS, and how is it differ from B2B marketing? [4:50]

  • Who are the audience/buyers for SaaS?[13:14]

  • The SaaS buyer’s journey [17:30]

  • Value realization in SaaS [29:55]

  • What growth marketers are trying to affect with their tactics [40:23]

  • Customer experience mapping [44:35]

Show notes:

You can follow Georgiana Laudi on Twitter at @ggiiaa, sign-up for her free SaaS Marketing Forget The Funnel video workshop series or her personal site where she can be booked for 1-hour strategy calls

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