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You are not imagining things! It's a new Anatomy of a Strategy show within a week! This week's episode was inspired while we were doing our favorite hobby, brunch!

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It’s true, the discussion was started at brunch but we quickly thought 'lets record this for the podcast!' so here we are with our bellies full and ready to rant about how analog media thinking keeps ruining our online platforms, communities and doesn't really help to build a brand's online audience.  

We've summarized into three things that legacy aka analog marketing keeps doing that just doesn't work online. 

  1. Quality does not equal highly produced:

    • Just because you can spend an exorbitant amount of money on production doesn't mean you'll connect with your audience. 

  2. Campaign thinking is a waste of time online:

    • Creating seasons or focussing on campaign thinking versus having a consistent presence to have real conversations with the audience. 

  3. Breath vs. Depth:

    • Too much focus is put on getting big empty impressions numbers that are immediately forgotten.

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