Introducing Futurithmic

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Here at Truly Inc., we love Valentine’s Day.

But not for the flowers, chocolates, or heart-shaped gifts. We love Valentine’s Day because for the last two years, we’ve launched brand publications on this extravagant holiday.

In 2018, we launched The Living Room, a real estate and design blog on

This year, we celebrated V-Day with a party to launch a new tech publication with Nokia Corporation, called Futurithmic.

Nokia, the 154-year-old Finnish telecommunications company, had a problem. Most people know of Nokia’s mobile devices but are not as aware of their work in telecommunications infrastructure and tech development; even though they’re ranked as the world’s third largest network equipment manufacturer.

In the telecommunications industry, CSPs are struggling. They’re searching for ways to scale innovation, enter industry verticals, gain new customers and retain current ones. In order to do this, they need to establish trust with their customers (current and potential) and be seen as a leader in all aspects of telecommunications, not just their classic hardware.

So, Nokia planned to launch a documentary series - produced by Shaftesbury Films (Murdoch Mysteries, Hudson and Rex, Frankie Drake Mysteries) and hosted by journalist Michael Hainsworth (BNN Bloomberg, Geeks and Beats) - to establish themselves as thought leaders in the telco industry. The only problem was, they had nowhere to house the content. And without a platform, you’re stuck publishing on third-party sites where you have little control over what happens to your content. Michael brought this project to Truly, and we pitched Futurithmic as a brand publication that would build on the video content already in production and provide insights from respected industry innovators.

4. The Economics. Futurithmic.png

Nokia contains a wealth of knowledge and history, but their competitors had them beat in digital content and publishing. Companies like Adobe and Oracle have invested in creating mass amounts of content to establish themselves as an information resource as well as a software and service provider. In our research, we studied both branded publications and independent tech publications, like Light Reading and Wired, to see where the gaps were, and how Nokia and Futurithmic could fill them.

Now, we’ve gotten this far and you’re probably thinking, “What the heck is a Futurithmic?

The name is a combination of the words future + algorithmic. Yes, it’s a made-up word, but for a publication that’s exploring the world of emerging technologies and how it will shape our lives at home, work, and in society… it works.

We went through a whole spreadsheet of potential names, websites, and social handles before we finally landed on Here were some of our other options:

  • Fast Future (Our very first option! But sadly, in use by another company)

  • Future Rated

  • Future Surge

  • Metaresistor (too techie?)

  • Algorithmicate (too many syllables!)

  • Switch Forward

For months before our launch, we conducted research and began planning. You can see our process here. Overall, our team spent 993.22 hours on Futurithmic before the February launch. Broken down, that’s:

  • 332.93 hours on research

  • 209.59 hours on planning

  • 165.88 hours on graphic design

  • 22 decks made

  • and 9203409328058304 emails (okay, I made that last number up, but you get what I mean. LOTS of emails.)

We had to learn about entire industries that we were not at all experts in. We made a glossary of various tech terms and abbreviations. We downloaded reports that took hours to read through, and even longer to understand. We scoured through tons of tech magazines. It was both exciting and confusing.

In a short amount of time, we conducted extensive research on the telco industry and our target audience. We came up with a paid/earned/owned strategy, developed branding, created guidelines for our editorial content, hunted down writers and experts to contribute,  and with the help of our developers, 70 Main Street, we built a freakin’ website!

We’re still constantly growing and learning. About the telecommunications industry and the possible capabilities of tech in the future. About our CSP audience and their concerns, needs, and goals. About creating not only shareable but meaningful digital content.

We’re lucky to have an extraordinary team to work with: our editor-in-chief Michael Hainsworth, the experts and innovators at Nokia and Bell Labs, our growing team of tech analysts and journalists, and the amazing Shaftesbury crew and guests involved in the Futurithmic documentary series. We couldn’t be more proud of all of our work.

We have a lot to look forward to, including more video content and a podcast!

In a year from now, we’ll be able to provide more results on Futurithmic. For now, you can check out all our other case studies here.