Every Day is Women's Day at Truly Inc.

73% of our team identify as female.

73% of our team identify as female.

I can confidentially say that my career and, especially the growth of my current company, Truly, is largely thanks to the many amazing women who have come into my life, taught me, supported me, mentored me, recommended me, hired me, and championed me.

My first foray into business - a small marketing strategy consultancy in Calgary I named Rogue Strategies after my second favourite X-Men character (it was also my online persona) - was helped by a women-in-business low interest loan. When I moved to Toronto to set up there and found myself floundering, an incredible woman named Carol Ellen went above and beyond to introduce me to the right people (a few minutes after we met!) and continued to champion and support my career (she is still my bestie and I've done what I could to return the favour - p.s. she's an amazing recruiter!).

After I made another move to San Francisco, women like Caterina FakeHeather ChampMin Jung Kim, Alicia Preston, Rachel WeidingerDeb SchultzWillo SanaAmy MullerKaren O'BrienKaren HartlineStephanie AgrestaLiza SperlingNilofer MerchantJen MyronukElisa Camahort PageHeather GoldSusan MernitBarb DybwadEmily ChangKristie WellsCathy BrooksHeather VescentKaliya HamlinJuliette PowellLiz HenrySara WingeSuw CharmanMolly HolzshlagLori DornJoyce KimLynn JohnsonLiza SabaterRashmi SinhaFrancine HardawayGina BianchiniLaura FittonLane HartwellBeth KanterNatalia Oberti NogueraCarla Borsoi, Silona BonewaldMary HodderCharlene LiLeah CulverAdina LevinHillary HartleyMarnie WebbJanice FraserDeanna ZandtAnna CurranCorvida RavenLeslie BradshawRuthann HarnischTara BrownDina KaplanAllyson KapinCorey DenisCindy LiMelissa PierceTara-Nicolle NelsonSara ChippsEmma PerskyDanah BoydAmber MacKatherine Barr, Molly Ditmore, Amy WebbCheryl Contee, and many more (I could seriously keep going...if I missed you, tell me!) introduced me, befriended me, supported me, taught me, inspired me and overall helped me move forward.

My book agent, Danielle Svetcov, reached out to me and encouraged me to write The Whuffie Factor, then helped sell it for 6 figures to a major publisher (and sold multiple international versions on top of that. The aforementioned Nilofer Merchant threw book parties for me and Liza Sperling helped organize a karaoke book tour called Whuffaoke, where I was joined by 4 friends, including Emma Persky and Karen Hartline.

In Montreal, where I landed to start my P2P shopping search network Buyosphere, I met Cassandra Girard, who joined Jerome Paradis and I as our COO on a 3-year startup rollercoaster after one dinner. While on that rollercoaster, I met the amazing J. Kelly Hoey, who provided me with a place to stay multiple times in New York and offered oodles of mentorship. Nilofer Merchant jumped in (yet again!) to be my trusted advisor and opened more doors for me. I met the incredible Cindy Gallop (who threw us a fantastic launch party at her Black Apartment that I'll never forget), Ruthann Harnisch (who gave me shelter, intros and support, including a much-needed manicure!), Caroline Pelletier (who helped redesign Buyosphere), Sarah Prevette (whose advice and connections were incredibly helpful), and Rachel Sklar (who introduced me to The List) and many other amazing women in tech during this time who inspired me and connected me.

When I went back into consulting, I worked with the fantastic Adele McAlear on the Justin Trudeau LPC campaign and was brought into other work by introduction of Rachelle Houde Simard. Then it was Kelly Hoey who introduced me to the inspirational Sallie Krawcheck of Ellevate (85 Broads at the time) as a client.

Fast forward to the start of Truly, where another amazing powerhouse of a woman, Aleece Germano, introduced me to multiple clients, including the fabulous Brenda Bartlett of PWL Capital. This helped kick off a series of events that have led me to today. As you can see in my cover image, Truly is fortunate to have many brilliant women involved.

#1. Our team happens to be majority womenKristine SquireStefani ForsterCelestina AleobuaAngie LiuAnnaMaria VascoAileen SchultzSara Graham and, of course, me (73% women).

#2. Our amazing clients are mostly women: Brenda Bartlett, President and CEO, and Nancy Graham, Portfolio Manager of PWL Capital; Giulia Doyle, Director of Communications, and Kylee Sauve, Associate Creative Director of Communications at The Canadian Real Estate AssociationHeather Ritchie, Head of Strategy, and Amy Campbell, Head of Marketing Campaigns at NokiaKaren Phipps, President, and Monica Healey, Vice President of Finance and Operations at Compusense. (We've also had the pleasure to work with the amazing Jill BirchChloe LangevinAnick BeaulieuMarie-Eve PrevostLinda Kristal, and Susan Daley)

#3. There are so many amazing women who have brought us leads and talent and advice, including Karen Schulman Dupuis, Aleece Germano, Jill BirchKaaren Whitney-VernonTal RiffChloe LangevinGalit ArielKelly RuskRubina ShaikhMaureen DoolubJacqueline Parker-CourtErin Bury, Francine Hardaway, Virginie SolerLiesl BarrellVerna KulishBeth Thouin, J. Kelly Hoey, Carrie InnesMarie-Eve PrevostPetra Kassun-Mutch, Nilofer Merchant, Karima-Catherine Goundiam, Brenda Bartlett, Nancy Graham, Muriel RosilioMichelle MelansonAnick BeaulieuCindy-Lee BakosVicki Saunders, and many others.

Of course there are many wonderful men, including my feminist husband Carlos Pacheco, who have also helped along the way, but I can honestly say that the women in my life have contributed the majority of lessons, love and leads that helped me get where I've gotten.

So, Happy International Women's Day! I love that we take a day to celebrate this internationally, but in reality, the women in my life celebrate this every day.