Reliving the Agency Life with Daniel Francavilla

Creating a Social Brand

Creating a Social Brand

Welcome to the agency life episode of the Truly Social podcast!

In this week’s Truly Social podcast Tara is away as Carlos sits down with Daniel Francavilla who is the founder and creative director at Now Creative Group, a branding and social agency in Toronto. 

During the podcast, Carlos and Daniel discuss explore some of the challenges facing agencies in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and advertising agencies. 

Don't forget to stick around until the end for our truly social heroes picks. 

This week's Truly Social Heroes:

  • Daniel's recommendation: Artist and author Adam J. Kurtz

  • Carlos' recommendation: Community manager behind the @assassinscreed Twitter and other video game social handles that embrace the gaming community. 

If you want to follow Daniel you can find him on Twitter at @Francavilla

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