Going Viral Overnight in 15 Years with The Portuguese Kids

Welcome to the Azores edition of the Truly Social Podcast recorded in the offices of Radio Atlantica, Sao Miguel. While on our summer holidays Tara & Carlos got to hang out and talk with the 15 years in the making overnight ethnic comedy success The Portuguese Kids.

The Portuguese Kids have been online content creators since the days of MySpace using online platforms to both find an audience and help shape the type of comedy that’s helped them build a niche audience that is Azorean Portuguese immigrants.

Using their live comedy shows as well as sharing their content on various platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter they’ve been able to reach a global Azorean community that even surprised them.

Brian, Derrick and Albert tour the world with original live shows like ‘My Big Fat Portuguese Wedding’ and ‘The Real Portuguese Housewives’ and run an online e-commerce business ‘ShopPortuguese.com’. Both are growing businesses that benefit from The Portuguese Kids content.   

Join us in as we have a casual conversation with the guys about how they get started, how they’re community helped them find their voice and how they went viral and became an overnight success in 15 years.

As with every episode, we ask our guests to help pick their Truly Social Heroes so please stick around until the end of the show to hear their suggestions.

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