5 Ways to Resurrect Content for Social

By Kristine Squire, Account Manager

Creating quality content is a great way for businesses to engage with their audience effectively. And although it’s important to stay consistent, many organizations struggle to make material year-round. Going on a three-month hiatus will lose the audience’s attention. So what do you do? Breathe new life into content you already have. Don’t be afraid to space your content out across several mediums. After all, not everyone sees your content the first time around.


1. Extract key messages and facts

The first step in your content facelift is to look at what you have and take out key points. If it’s an article, look for critical findings, quotes and takeaways that will resonate with your audience. There are likely five or more different statements you can extract from one article. Post these key findings one by one over several days or weeks, depending on how active you want to be on social. And of course, accompany the text with an image; humans are visual creatures. Pictures can come from your article or stock art, but make sure they are on brand. For videos, cut several shorter clips from a longer video to highlight important messages. Videos perform exceptionally well on all social channels.


2. GIF it up!

It’s important to accompany the text with something visual, and GIFs are a great attention grabber! Take a few seconds from a video you’ve already published and create a GIF using Giphy. You can create a free account and make an unlimited amount! Don’t have any videos? That’s okay. Use existing GIFs to emphasize a key point from a previous article. Keep in mind that GIFs should stick to your Facebook and Twitter fans.



3. If it’s complex, make an infographic

It’s always nice to have a complicated concept laid out visually in an infographic. It can also be a great way to show a snapshot of an article or video that you’ve made. Be careful though; less is always more. Don’t clutter your infographic with too many graphics or text. You need a good balance. If you don’t have a graphic designer or are low on resources, several sites can create your infographics for free like Piktochart, Canva and Venngage.


4. Quotables are your friend

Quotables can showcase the quality of your service or product and are an excellent way to share company values. An off-centred image of the person with the quote beside them is one way of going about it; you could also use an image that’s relevant to the topic addressed. Shorter quotes are better especially if you’ll be using the quote in a Facebook ad, be sure it follows the 20% rule or it won’t receive the engagement you were hoping for.

If you look through your library of articles and videos, you’re bound to find some testimonials from customers or quotes from employees. And if you can’t find any social-worthy quotes, you can always ask employees their opinion on a trending topic relevant to your industry and audience. Say you offer music lessons; school is starting again soon here in Canada, so now is a great time to ask your employees why education is important to them. The topic is relevant to you and your audience because learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom and you can remind them that taking music lessons are a great after-school activity. Getting quotes from your employees also gives your audience insights into the company culture and increases trust.


5. Make Twitter polls

Did an old piece of content spark another idea in you? Polls can be used to give insights into your audience or just to engage with them. Choose a topic that is relevant to your audience’s interest and your brand. For example, if you’re a meal-kit delivery company, you can ask your audience what their favourite cuisine is, or if you have a lot of sports fans, you can ask them their favourite game-day food the day of a major sporting event. The possibilities are endless!


So, making content out of “thin air” seems impossible, but repurposing content you already have is a great way to get through a slump. If you have great content, spend some time getting it out there by using a variety of different tactics. Investing in your content will pay off with stronger relationships with your audience.

Kristine Squire