How To Be Just Evil Enough with Alistair Croll


We're back! This week's Truly Social Podcast Tara & Carlos welcome an old friend Alistair Croll.

Alistair is an entrepreneur, author, and event organizer. He's spent a lot of time understanding how organizations of all sizes can use data to make better decisions. He has written three books on technology and entrepreneurship: Lean Analytics (2013); Complete Web Monitoring (2009) and Managing Bandwidth (1999). 

Alistair recently wrote 'A better definition of marketing' on his Medium blog on how his definition of marketing in the modern age has changed at a fundamental level.

"That companies need to capture attention they can turn into profitable demand.They need to stop writing press releases and start hacking markets. They need to find zero-day growth exploits. And they need to be just evil enough to pull them off."

Join us in our discussions about that and more but don't forget to stick to the end to hear Alistair's and our picks for this week’s Truly Social Heroes. 

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