Our Design Team Painted the Walls...and we think mur-ALL going to love it!

We had a bit of fun with creating the story of how our office mural came together (big ups to Celestina for pushing this creatively and both you and Angie for making it happen!!!), but in reality, AnnaMaria and Alex put a LOT of amazing thought, work and love into the creation of this beautiful piece of art that now adorns our boardroom wall. 

So, instead of me telling the story (as all I did was say, "I would love a mural!" and they did the rest), I'm going to let AnnaMaria and Alex tell it in their own words.

Q1. How was it collaborating on this project?

AnnaMaria: It was a lot of fun! We are all such unique creatives, it was interesting to see our styles come together when making the design.

Alex: As we are responsible for different clients, we don’t ever get to work together, so this was the first time we had a project together. It was a great challenge for both of us to work on as we had to schedule time together and brainstorm on a major project, all while juggling client work. It was good to bounce ideas off one another as to try and guess Tara’s tastes and what she would want from us creatively. This being my first ever mural, it was good to have AnnaMaria’s constant positive affirmations to push me past my comfort zone.

Q2. What research went into the mural design/ execution?

AnnaMaria: We took a look at different approaches to typography in murals. Our main challenge was that we chose to paint words, which is tricky because there are a million typefaces and applications to choose from. We first needed to research what has worked for others and then apply that to our design. We explored multiple typefaces and paint swatches that could complement each other and created a million options. After many huddles with the design team, we were able to have all the design elements chosen to move forward with the rough design of the mural.

Alex: I did a lot of my research through Pinterest and Behance, pulling together lots of different examples - mostly typography based - as well as colour palettes, fonts, and compositions. I wanted to pull examples that would be of achievable at our skill levels, but still something super fun and vibrant.

Q3. Why were these particular colours and fonts chosen?

AnnaMaria: We pulled inspiration from a couple photos from our Pinboards that had really bright and fun colours. Tara’s favourite mural in Austin, Texas, was on our board and she immediately pointed out the variety and style of the fonts. We definitely looked for typefaces that reflected the feel of being fun, clean, and expressive!

Alex: We choose fonts that wouldn’t be too difficult create physically. We also wanted a variety to break up the composition. We eventually narrowed it down: a few sans-serif fonts to keep it modern, and a few script fonts to match the words “Playful” and “Fearless”. The paint colours were chosen so that we could alternate background/accent colours, creating a stimulating visual display that wasn’t too repetitive or monotonous. We wanted the result to be a vibrant, pastel colour palette that would stand out and attract the eye.

Q4. This was *quite* the process! How did you do it?

AnnaMaria: The steps were: Research - Design - Trace - Tape - Paint - Tape - Tape - Tape - Tape - Paint - Tape - Paint - Tape - Paint - Tape - and then Paint some more.

Alex: Step 1, alter the design to fit the width of the wall. Step 2, final composition fitted to the wall and chosen. Step 3, trace the design onto the wall with pencil and ruler via projection. Step 4, lots of painters tape was used to outline words (painstakingly). Step 5, outline done in paint then filled in with more paint. Step 6, remove the tape and then RE-tape for touch-ups. Step 7, lots of careful touch ups to correct lines. Step 8, all tape removed for the final reveal!

The end result is STUNNING. AnnaMaria and Alex also had help from Celestina, Angie, and Ammo (who you see in the video offering his "support" 😜). I'm bowled over by the talent of this team and the end result is nothing short of brilliant. 

Also! If you come by our offices (we're also doing an 'office warming' party on June 14!), you can take the mural home with you! Check out these awesome stickers that Ammo had made with StickerNut:

Tara Hunt