SmugMug Acquires Flickr?!

Just this weekend, it was announced that Smugmug acquired Flickr for an undisclosed amount. This is excellent news...or at least I hope. Flickr was one of the companies from the "Web 2.0" era that really popularized social sharing.

Though social networks existed prior to Flickr, they took community and generosity to a whole new level. Unfortunately, their acquisition by Yahoo! in 2005 led to a long decline of the community and, 13 years later, it's become a bit of a ghost town.

I'm hopeful because Smugmug and Don MacAskill were there during the glory days and this acquisition could potentially mean that Flickr's community could be restored! This week's video is a bit of a waxing poetic on what could have been (and what may well be a reality again).

Tara Hunt