A Truly Social Update!


This update is long overdue! Honestly, the time has passed so quickly that I have NO idea where the last year went!

For the skimmers in the crowd, here is a TL;DR:

There are so many things for us to be excited about in 2018! Thank you for being part of it!

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 6.15.00 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 6.15.08 PM.png

Meet the growing team!

...and there are more to come! In order to service our amazing clients, we've added all sorts of talent to the team. We now have a graphic design department with multi-talented media creators, a growing strategy team with a senior level strategist, and are looking for a project manager who will oversee everything. We also continue to work with amazing partners and freelancers who make our team that much better.

As for me, I continue to have my hands in all projects as well as running the operations of this growing business. It keeps me hopping, but, thankfully, I have Ammo, my awesome communications assistant to keep me sane.


New digs...downtown!

As 2017 progressed and our team grew, I knew it was time to find a new, more permanent home. My must-haves? Great location (easy access via transit and central), cool vibe (brick and beam, baby!), dog-friendly (non-negotiable!), and affordable. Toronto's commercial real estate market made the last point a bit challenging, but we found a gorgeous space right downtown, walking distance from the Eaton Centre (on Richmond between Church and Jarvis).

Please come and visit us soon! We will definitely be having an office-warming when the design is done (murals and other cool stuff to come!).

Two years already?!

In January, Truly Social Inc. turned two! This company is still so young, but, honestly, I had no idea that this was where I was going when I started out. Because we have a growing team and all of the interesting challenges that come with that, we also used this occasion as an exercise in setting down our core values.

I don't just want to build an agency, I want to build an agency that does great, stand-out work. Social media and content agencies and consultants are a dime a dozen. I'm hell-bent on making sure that what we offer is different in the best way possible. Everything we do must be:

  • Fearless - we do what's right, not safe. Everything needs to be bespoke to the client (and their audience) needs.

  • Flawless - we aim for flawless execution. Check. Double check. Ask questions. Check again. Post. Check once more.

  • Informed - we don't just throw ideas at a wall and see if they stick. We are insights-driven.

At the same time, I want us to keep learning and growing, so we added: Curious, Opinionated, and Playful to the mix.

  • Curious - insanely curious, we never stop learning.

  • Opinionated - we have a POV and take a stand where it matters.

  • Playful - we never take ourselves too seriously.

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 7.16.58 PM.png

We ❤️ our clients.

Every client is different. They all have different audiences and different goals and we are SO honoured to be part of helping then serve those audiences and reach those goals. As a very brief glimpse into some of the things we've been lucky enough to work on this past year:

Additionally, we continue to work with the brilliant and creative folks at C2 Melbourne, MovinOn and C2 International on social content and community growth. We're also SUPER excited about the top secret project we're working on with Reflector Entertainment.

I was hoping to keep this short, but there has been so much going on!

Thank you for all of your love, support, referrals, business, trust, free stuff, and everything else that has made the last two and a bit years happen! We can't wait to host you in our lovely new space.

Much love,

Tara Hunt
President, Truly Social Inc.