A Truly Big Announcement!

It isn't a secret that Truly Social Inc. was a bit of an accident. I started it because I was consulting as a way to bring in temporary income while I looked for my "dream job". Several people, including my husband, kept saying to me, "Why don't you just stick with Truly Social? It seems to be going well!" I was almost defiant in my dismissal of these suggestions, but as time marched on and the business grew, I got more and more comfortable with the idea that Truly Social Inc. was that "dream job" I was seeking. 

But as the business, team, roster of clients, and responsibilities to this grew, I was feeling the pressure.

Pressure of time: I have been working 80+ hour weeks for months now without taking a single day off just to get personal stuff done (at the cost of my health).

Pressure of isolation: Not only do I not have time to take care of me, I also don't have time to connect with others like me. My husband is amazing and supportive, but he isn't there day to day to truly understand how lonely it is to "be the boss."

Pressure of everything else: Simply put, there is no way that I can do this on my own. There are only so many hours in the day and I'm a researcher and strategist, not all of the other things I wear a hat for over here.

After the move into our beautiful new offices, I spoke to some advisors and confessed that I felt as if I was speeding towards an eventual burnout. They all said the same thing: YOU NEED A PARTNER.

But who?

Find out in the video above! And don't forget to watch until the very end for some fun bloopers. :)

Tara Hunt