The Two Simple Questions That Drive Great Strategy

In my last video and column, I brought up the plethora of terrible, same same, bland, regurgitated content that tries to pass itself off as branded content, pointing out that much of the reason it exists is that brands aren't willing to take the time to dive into the research and insights and build a strategy beforehand.

And in our follow-up podcast discussion, I put a good part of the blame on the agencies who are not only willing to compromise on strategy to get the gig, but those who add "content marketing" as a line item to their offerings without having any inkling that there should be a strategy behind it.

In this video, I show a high-level overview of our research and insights process. It comes down to two simple questions: a. who is the audience? b. what are your goals? Seems simple, right? Well...

When I say high-level overview, it really is. To give you a sense of what goes into answering those two simple questions, it looks something like this (ps. our graphic design team is going to kill me for posting's ugly right now, but is being prettified for the future as we emphasize the strategic part of what we do):

In the video, I don't only talk about the research and insights, but how this turns into a strategy AND give two examples of two clients who work at THE SAME FIRM who have very different approaches to content, even when some of the subjects are the same.

You can find Nancy Graham's channel here and Ben Felix's channel here.