Truly Social SXSW Panel Time!

A few months ago, I tasked my team to apply to SXSW Interactive 2018 to present a panel, workshop, presentation or meetup. Not only did they complete this task, but they also made me INCREDIBLY proud with their entries! 

As you will see below, this is an awesome group of kickass up and comers in the industry and their panels are very much worth voting for! Please help make sure they get to go to SXSW by voting for them:

Maria Vassiliou - Workshop: It's More than Just a Picture

This session will highlight the importance of telling a story through a single photograph, whether it's digital, on social media, or otherwise. This session is for social media enthusiasts and aspiring influencers who want to develop their own brand. They will learn the fundamental principles of storytelling such as authenticity, as well as the necessities for what makes a good photo, such as composition, and the rule of thirds.

Christian Pearson - Workshop: Animation for YouTubers

Making YouTube videos is easier than ever. Standing out on YouTube is another story. So many people have taught themselves how to film and edit, but stop there and keep their YouTube videos from being as engaging as they could be. Adding some simple animations can really make a series stand out and help keep an audience engaged. In my animation workshop, I'll teach people how to animate simple text and images into their videos to really make them shine and stand out from the crowd.

Nicole Pomeroy - Panel: Lifestyle is the New Brand

Brands that are connecting with its consumers today are the ones that fit into and are apart of the lifestyle of the audience itself. Much like relationships, sales today need to begin by building trust, getting to know more about each other and demonstrating how you can grow together. I’m proposing a panel at this years SXSW moderated by myself and joined by industry thought leaders to discuss how they’ve changed their strategies to adapt to the social revolution.

Hunter MacKinnon - Meetup: Creative Industry Rookie Meetup

I want to propose a meet-up for new faces in the creative industries, whether they be recent graduates, interns, entrance-level associates or people who have recently found themselves in a creative field. As the future of creative work and industry, it is important to forge relationships and collaborate on issues facing us all. Whether that be billing a client for the first time or building a following to gain exposure, there is a universality to the rookie experience that I want to share in.

As you can imagine, I am VERY proud of Maria, Christian, Nicole and Hunter for submitting their panels and working so hard on their entries (all with video!). I hope you vote for all of them!

Oh...and while you are at it, here is my entry:

Tara Hunt - Panel: Creating YouTube Content for Grown-Ups

I'll be joined by Roberto Blake, Amy Schmittauer and Susan Daley on this panel: 

Many people know YouTube as a place to watch viral and unboxing videos. But many don't know that YouTube is also the second largest search engine in the world, full of incredible educational content, and a fantastic platform for brands to make content that connects with their audience.

As YouTube attracts more and more grown-ups, meet some of the brands that are providing the content. This panel will go through the whys and hows of doing video that creates leads for your business.

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