Launching: "Do it Together" Financial Planning with Peter Guay

After working with Peter Guay, Portfolio Manager at PWL Capital, for the few months, we are excited to unveil his really awesome new YouTube series to the interwebs: "Do it Together" Financial Planning.

Peter's series is aimed at helping demystify financial planning and investing for busy professionals, who are at that stage of their life that they are asking big, life altering questions like: How should I structure my will? Do I need both life and disability insurance? Is a rental property a good investment? Should I incorporate my practice? And more...

The concept of "Do it Together" offers the transparency of a DIY approach, with the understanding that the viewers are more interested in seeing how it's done rather than just doing it themselves. As you get busier with your life, DIY may start to become more of a burden than a bonus. Peter has been incorporating this idea for many years into his practice in Montreal and finds his clients are given good peace of mind when they know what's going on with their money and plans.

Truly Social worked with Peter on developing the series, including the concept, treatment of the videos (colour palette, animations, logo mark, music, framing, etc), production of the videos (I got to try out my new shoulder gear and learnt that walking backwards isn't one of my main talents!), and post-production (Christian is such an awesome talent!). We will be managing the growth of Peter's channel going forward and love that we learn as much as we teach our amazing clients.

This is the fourth video series we've launched with PWL Capital (DIY Investing with Justin Bender, Your Money, Your Choices with Susan Daley, and No Dumb Questions with Nancy Graham were the first three) and the sixth content series in total (along with two podcasts: L'Investissement Décomplexé avec Raymond Kerzhero and The Canadian Couch Potato Podcast with Dan Bortolotti).

Stay tuned for more launches in the (very) near future!


PWL Capital Inc. is an independent wealth management firm providing managed portfolio services that help clients reach their goals by combining investment management and ongoing financial planning from offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo.

PWL Capital Inc. is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

[to add to this from a Truly Social perspective...they are also the most open, caring, and conscientious group of financial planners and portfolio managers we've ever met. Selling in the 'give away your knowledge' strategy was not an issue with this group. :) )


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