Truly Social and PWL Capital Launch: “Common Sense Investing” with Ben Felix

Today marks a very special launch of yet another ‘Edutaining’ YouTube series by PWL Capital, produced by Truly Social. The Common Sense Investing YouTube Series is hosted by Ben Felix, Associate Portfolio Manager at PWL, and is as straight-forward as the name says it is.

Ben’s series is committed to offering transparency where the financial industry would have you believe otherwise, tackling down on the financial misconceptions and poor advice caused by an incentive commission for the advisor, leaving Canadian investors feeling doubtful.

His videos speak directly to those inquisitive investors living in Canada, defending the most common questions they have like: do I actually need downside protection? Why are index funds on the rise in the US and not Canada? How does an Advisor Chooses to Invest your Money? And more, using not only his own judgement but peer reviewed academic research, data, and clear logic.

Truly Social worked with Ben on developing the series, including the concept treatment of the videos (colour palette, animations, logo mark, music, framing) and the production of the videos.  Common Sense Investing was suggested by Ben as a working title, but after shooting an episode, we thought it fit perfectly:

According to Tara Hunt, Truly Social’s President, the name is just right: “I tweaked a few of his scripts to be more upbeat, but as soon as I started filming him, I realized that his approach is SO no nonsense and straight-forward, I had to remove the jokes. Ben is the epitome of ‘straight shooter’”.

While designing the look and feel of his series, we’ve shaped the visual style to be aligned with Ben, which to us is very analytical with a bit of a sci-fi inspiration (because Ben and Spock are like brothers from another mother). With the logo, we figured a mathematical compass over grid paper would be a great icon to represent the analytical, straight-edged tone of the series. For more, make sure to follow along with his series by subscribe to his channel here!

This is the fifth video series we've launched with PWL Capital (DIY Investing with Justin Bender, Your Money, Your Choices with Susan Daley, and No Dumb Questions with Nancy Graham were the first three) and the seventh content series in total (along with two podcasts: L'Investissement Décomplexé avec Raymond Kerzhero and The Canadian Couch Potato Podcast with Dan Bortolotti).

Stay tuned for more launches in the (very) near future!


PWL Capital Inc. is an independent wealth management firm providing managed portfolio services that help clients reach their goals by combining investment management and ongoing financial planning from offices in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo.

PWL Capital Inc. is regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and a member of Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

[to add to this from a Truly Social perspective...they are also the most open, caring, and conscientious group of financial planners and portfolio managers we've ever met. Selling in the 'give away your knowledge' strategy was not an issue with this group. :) )


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Stefani Forster