Truly Social Takes SXSW By Storm

by Nicole Pomeroy

“How does a quick trip to Austin, Texas surrounded by the most diverse, collaborative and interactive communities sound to you?” Tara asked me this question a few months ago and my immediate reaction was...

The Truly Social team is taking SXSW by storm this year and it will be my very first time there.

It’s the conference that doesn’t stop growing and with ample of sessions to explore- I am beyond excited to participate in everything possible! My SXSW 2017 Schedule is ready for me to go and dive into topics related to: Content Marketing, YouTube and Social strategies, AI, Fintech and the Real Estate. Make sure to tune in to our daily live stream for insights from our SXSW sessions and more!

In Truly Social fashion, we will be maximizing our time there with the perfect balance of work and play... I’ll be there to support Tara during her live panel You’re Not the Boss of Me! How to Manage 1099s, where she’ll be discussing best practices for making a 1099 workforce successful, alongside: Lynn Perkins, Jeff Wald and Veronika Sonsev.

We’ll also be working alongside our amazing client, C2 Montreal at Planet Quebec, where they will be bringing the Canadian tradition of a Sugar Shack to Texas. Those who successfully follow the trail of sugar, will be presented with a technological showcase featuring numerous events and activities, including a live panel moderated by Jean-François Bouchard (Chairman, SID LEE.)

With great help from our amazing VA, Nina, who was given the task to “look up where all the cool kids are going at SXSW and sign us up!” has exceeded our expectations (I am truly convinced she was a party animal in her last life…) You can catch us around Austin from Saturday to Tuesday or be apart of the experience on our live stream, twitter, snapchat and anywhere else that will include you in on our experience :) I’m looking forward to it, can you tell?

Tara Hunt