Three More Join TSI! And, oh boy, they are awesome!


2017 has been quite a crazy ride. We started out the year as two full-time people - Tara and Nicole - in a little office in District 28. Very quickly after Truly Social's one year anniversary, we brought on two more: Maria and Christian (Nina was with us as a remote assistant until the end of summer - we miss you Nina!). Our client roster had grown and we needed to level-up our expertise!

We outgrew our little office and moved into one of District 28's biggest spaces - an office that holds 10 people - where we thought we had LOTS of room (heh).

In June, we advertised for an intern and ended up with Hunter AND Angie, a couple of amazing interns that turned into a full-time and part-time team member (Angie is still in school, but we're lucky to get her on her days off). 

But the hiring in 2017 wasn't quite over!

In the past three weeks, we've added three more amazing people: two graphic designers and a communications assistant. 

Alexander Appugliesi


Alexander is one of our new graphic designers! The first thing I noticed was his versatility and whimsical style. His Instagram is what Maria would call Aesthetic AF, he was hella social, and even had a photo inspired by Heathers! Not only talented but he is also wonderfully social and a perfect fit with our quirky team.

AnnaMaria Vasco


AnnaMaria was a friend referred by Angie, and much like Angie, the minute we met her, we knew that she had to be part of our team. Not only is she a crazy talented graphic designer (illustrator and amateur animator), but her overall personality and attitude instantly made us fall in love with her. 

Amardeep (Ammo) Somal


With his skinny suits and cool UK accent, Ammo brings a new level of sophistication to the team. Originally, we had advertised for an operations and admin person, but Ammo told us in his interview that he had ambitions to get into content. So while he gets Truly Social organized, we've also started shifting The Daily Distraction and other TSI social content to his duties and given him the title Communications Assistant. When you tweet at us make sure to say, "Hey Ammo!"

What's in Store for 2018?

Good question! With two new big clients ramping up, we are looking for #10 (and #11 is being drafted!). We're in the middle of signing a lease on a cool, new space downtown Toronto (we're going to miss D28, but we need to spread our wings and fly!). 

But if 2017 was just the beginning (and I think was), 2018 should hold some very interesting new adventures and see us welcome even more fantastic Truly Socialites to the team. The new office can hold up to 20 people, but we have a 3-year lease...let's hope some space comes available next door. :)

Until then, I remain cautiously optimistic about the future. This little 'accidental agency' of ours has grown up into a real business and I couldn't have done it without the support and love of my fantastic network and friends. Thank you for your referrals and support! 



Tara Hunt