Influencer Outreach + Marketing

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Online influencers are all but replacing traditional advertising and celebrity endorsements. Their audiences trust them and their word. IRM is a fantastic way to amplify your message.


a unique, bespoke approach to Influencer Marketing

We believe that you should build relationships long before you need them. Influencers - especially the big ones - are approached multiple times per day to work with brands. They are in the very fortunate position that they are able to pick and choose who they work with.

Influencers ourselves, we’ve spent many years building and keeping up relationships with influencers in many verticals (the secret was that they weren’t ‘influencers’ when we met them - they were just really awesome people doing cool shit).


step one - Research and vet the relevant influencers for your audience.

Figure out who your audience (the one you want to pay attention) follows and admires. Make sure they are for real (lots of follower fraud now!). Make sure their content aligns.

step two - Build the relationships long before you need them.

Don't reach out to the people you want to work with a few weeks (or even months) before you need to engage with them. Reach out much earlier. Start to build inroads. (p.s. this will pay off in spades down the road!)

step three - Figure out your goals for the campaign + put together a strong brief.

Knowing what exactly you need them to help you achieve and creating a strong overview is going to be crucial to the success of this engagement.

step four - Reach out to the influencers you want to work with and have a conversation about how they would approach reaching those goals.

Don't go to influencers with instructions. Go to them with goals. Make it collaborative. They know their audience best.

step five - Collaborate with the influencers on a win-win-win scenario.

Make it a collaborative process. 

step six - Reap the benefits!

This process achieves way better results than using a platform or sending instructions.


working with multiple 'levels' of influence

We know that influence isn’t just about the people with millions of followers. In fact, quite often, you can achieve a LOT more impact with influencers that have smaller, niche audiences.

The key is in knowing how to approach and engage each level.


levels of engagement

We have over a decade of experience producing content for a digital audience (which is very different than print). We produce the following types of content:

Level 1. Promotion

Asking the influencer to merely share or mention your brand in a lightweight way (retweet, like, share).

Level 2. Original Content

Working with the influencer to create original, authentic content that will appeal to their audience (photo article, video, etc). This can be a one-off or a series, depending on your budget.

Level 3. Ambassador

Signing the influencer over a longer period of time (ideally one year) to be a spokesperson, create ongoing content, promote regularly, and show up at events to draw bigger audience.

case studies:



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