growth strategies for the digital era

we create insights-driven strategies to reach + attract Your Best Customer™

We specialize in building strategies that connect with your customers over the long-term (not campaigns). This results in examples of thought leadership, brand publishing, customer community development, loyalty programs and word-of-mouth amplification, all of which are measured against goals.

For decades, we’ve achieved real, sustainable results for our clients. No bandwagons. No gimmicks. No hype. Just a tested and proven insights process and obsessive commitment to making sure every single dollar spent counts.

How do we do this? Read on…

Phase I.  research + insights

We do not believe in brainstorming and you will never find us carelessly tossing out ideas for how to spend your money. Everything starts with research and insights. Why? Because throwing ideas at the wall - even when it’s a few dollars here and there - adds up quickly. And usually, that money goes to ad platforms. If you aren’t making sure you are on the right platform, talking to the right audience with the right message, you may as well just write Facebook a check and walk away. In order to make our dollars work harder, we need to figure out the answer to who, what, when, where and how.

Our approach is simple and has been honed over 20 years. First, we dive into the data - understanding your audience, their culture, your industry, your competitors, how what's happening in the world will affect how you are received.

It starts with an intensive client discovery, where we spend a 1/2-full day with you and your team to gather all of the history and information that we can from you. It’s important to get the full backstory because we don’t want to waste time retreading too much (and you don’t want us to either). After we get the history, we dive into your information and then go on a data deep dive. Here is a sense of what our process looks like for this stage:


It’s a thorough and involved process, but the results are spectacular. After nearly 20 years of honing our insights process, we can safely say that the time spent on this phase will save you many many thousands (and in some cases tens- to hundreds-of-thousands) of dollars in the later phases.

We have a saying at Truly… “Trust the insights. They will always light the way.”

phase ii. Strategy + Planning:

Every strategy is unique (just like you and your customer), but will include some combination of relationship- and growth-building tactics. We focus on three major areas: brand publishing, influencer relationship management, and customer engagement and community development through social channels. Though many agencies say they are different, we actually are. Our strategies are developed through research and insights and bespoke to your particular audience.


This ‘social’ toolbox is filled with tactics that will help you grow loyalty, increase retention, amplify word of mouth, lower your acquisition costs, and increase customer lifetime value. Money spent here will provide returns for years to come:


This toolbox is filled with tactics for growth. Combined with the social toolbox, these tools will help you increase traffic, optimize conversions, identify inefficiencies, expand your reach, grow your audience, and even monetize your efforts. And yes, you can make money from your social efforts.

Phase III. Implementation

When we deliver a strategy and plan, we will also lay out the implementation process with a timeline and budgets. There are three levels of implementation:

  1. DIY - you take the strategy and plan (which includes lots of great detail for your team) and make it happen yourself. We can always play a light advisory and guidance role to help you hone the implementation.

  2. Teamwork - our team acts as an extension of yours - filling in the blanks where you need us the most - and guiding the implementation as we teach you how to take it over yourself someday.

  3. The Full Enchilada - you don’t have the bandwidth? No problem. We can implement these plans fully for you.

Ultimately, we are a “teach-a-man-to-fish” company, so the goal is to eventually hand everything over to you. Our strategies are built for the long-game, but in order for them to continue in perpetuity, you will eventually need to bring them in-house. We have successfully handed over multiple projects and continue to act as strategic advisors where needed. There is nothing more satisfying than setting these ships to sail and watching our clients pick up the helm with confidence.

We aren’t about creating a dependency. We are about helping our clients succeed.