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truly is built on a 20-year mission…

…to change the relationship between brands and their customers. We’re uncompromising on our approach because we truly believe there is a better way to market your brand than through yelling and hand-waving.

When our founder, Tara Hunt, started out in marketing in 1999, she was astounded at how little companies knew about their customers and how little trust existed between the people who buy the products/services and the people who make them/offer them. Customers ignored the brands and brands used all sorts of interruptive tactics to try to break through this barrier, which only got more resistant over time.

The thing about this struggle that struck her so odd was that both parties needed one another. Customers love to buy (at least many of them!) and often need to seek out new products and services to solve their needs, and companies want to serve these needs (and not only to make money). So, why are they at such odds?!

Truly is the culmination of nearly 20 years, multiple cities and countries, dozens of clients and industries, and years of experience with audiences that has led to a process to uncover the path to perfect harmony between you and your customer:


Truly is about creating a strategy based on insights that uncover the complex dimensions of the audience that is looking for your product or service so that you can reach them where they are with a message that resonates.

Built on love and commitment…


Truly is run by real-life partners Tara Hunt and Carlos Pacheco. Though Tara started and ran Truly for the first 2 years, she was never fully alone. Truly is also built on the love and commitment to our mission, our partners, our clients and our people.

Quick facts:

  • Truly was incorporated January 7, 2016

  • The original name - Truly Social - was the result of Tara’s video series…she attributes this series to launching the company.

  • The two pugs, Ridley and Lizzie, come to the office every day with the founders.

  • Every team member has a “passion project” and is encouraged and supported in their pursuit.

  • If you visit Truly in Toronto, you will see the hand-painted mural, designed by our talented team. We also made a really fun video about it.

  • We have happy hour every Friday at 5pm at our office. You should stop in. We love visitors!



our core values:

our collaborators + partners:

In order to take on projects big and small (with more agility), we've assembled an amazing group of writers, developers, designers, editors, videographers, animators, language-specific experts, domain-specific experts and more.

We love to collaborate at Truly Social - bringing in our talented partners whenever we need the expertise. If you are interested in working with us, drop us a line


Open Positions:

If there isn’t anything listed here, we aren’t actively looking. However, feel free to contact us with your details here as you never know what’s coming up!