Content Optimization + Channel Growth Strategy

Some of the YouTube Channel trophies our team has earned over the years

Some of the YouTube Channel trophies our team has earned over the years

Also crucial, this is the part that almost everyone forgets. It’s not enough to produce great content. It has to be found. This is the part of the process where content is optimized for the platform and audience find-ability.

YouTube is a powerful force for brands and creators and can be used to build a dedicated audience and community that cares about your message. Our team is YouTube Certified in Audience Growth and Content Management, has over 7 years experience building/managing/optimizing YouTube channels and building them from 0 to millions of subscribers and billions of organic views. 

The Benefits To Having Your Own YouTube Channel

Having a well-managed YouTube channel provides a number of benefits: 

  1. It increases traffic to your website

  2. It boosts sales

  3. It lowers your cost per aquisition

  4. It manages your brand reputation

  5. It helps you rank high in Google search

Most of all, a well-managed channel can help a brand build a loyal group of followers who will become repeat customers. If a channel gains a large enough following, other companies could actually want to pay you to run their ads. You can manually insert ads for your other products. This can help you further monetize your content and turn your YouTube channel into an additional source of income.

With monetization, you can turn your channel into more than a marketing and outreach platform. It can also become a source of revenue for you.

We can work with your old and new content to help you optimize your channel for massive growth and lead generation.


How we can help with your YouTube channel needs:

  • YouTube channel setup

  • Full YouTube channel optimization

  • YouTube Channel Management

  • YouTube channel and video optimizing for the best organic performance

  • Video search engine optimization (SEO) to help your content be discoverable on YouTube and Google.

  • Video content strategy that helps increase overall watch time

  • Increase your YouTube views, subscribers and revenues

  • Setup and managing of YouTube video ad marketing campaigns

Carlos Pacheco