growth strategies for the digital era

we don’t believe in “ideas,” we believe in results.

The time taken to really understand the full picture will save time, money and energy going forward, but the research and insights don’t end with the initial assessment. The world around us is shifting constantly.

You will never find us huddled in a boardroom throwing random ideas out just because we think they are cool. Instead, you will find us carefully analyzing your audience, your current and past efforts, your "competition", trends and culture to see if we can find insights that will lead to ideas that connect with your audience.

This is our process:


research + learn

We start with research to figure out the why. The why is more important than the who or even the what. It’s where we can find out what drives the audience to engage.

This is the most important phase of any project. It is essential for both brands who have an audience (but may not totally understand them) and for brands who intend to build an audience.

What we are looking for is: who your audience is, what they read, where they hang out, what motivates them, what are the issues you’ll come up against trying to reach them.


We study:

  • Audience research & insights

  • Competitive research & insights

  • Cultural research & insights

  • Industry research & insights

  • SWOT analysis (based on insights, not guesses)

  • Goal development

  • Content & capability audit

strategize + plan

Using elements of our social, digital and audience development toolboxes, you will get a strategy and plan that lays out a mix of the following:

  • Overall strategy (that thing that will underpin everything you do)

  • Editorial mission + vision

  • Voice & Tone (not the traditional flat, dull document - but unveiling your real voice)

  • Processes, Approvals + Guidelines

  • Resource Planning

  • Platform Plans

  • Goals + milestones

  • Calendars

  • Rollout and launch plans

  • Budgets

Social Tools:

  • Brand Publishing

  • Influencer Engagement

  • Customer Community Development

Growth Tools:

  • SEM / PPC / Adwords

  • Social Ads

  • Retargeting

  • Content and Platform Optimization

  • Marketing Automation

create + produce

This is where the rubber hits the road. Though you will have a good direction, there will still be some creative experimentation. 

Depending on the platforms chosen, we may bring in designers, photographers, videographers, editors, sound engineers, etc., but we focus on teaching you to be  self-sufficient and DIY.


  • Podcast series

  • YouTube show

  • Video series

  • Web publications

  • Article series



  • Content coordination & management

  • Writing scripts

  • Writing or editing social posts/articles

  • Editing copy

  • Photography direction

  • Design direction

  • Supervising shoots

  • Overseeing post-production

post, boost + optimize

Also crucial, this is the part that almost everyone forgets. It’s not enough to produce great content. It has to be found. 

This is the part of the process where content is optimized for the platform and audience findability.


  • Tagging, titling, descriptions

  • Setting up playlists/categories

  • Creating closed captions

  • Paid promotional planning

  • Optimization for sharing

  • Influencer outreach/paid collaborations

  • Expert outreach/coordination

  • Cross-posting

listen + engage

This is where you build a loyal, engaged audience. Interacting and engaging  with your readers/viewers will go a long way to creating growth.


  • Community platform development (with software recommendations + implementation assistance)

  • Community outreach guidance

  • Ongoing identification of potential communities of interest (COIs)

  • Social listening + engagement

  • Community guideline development

  • Feedback monitoring + reporting


We also have a lot of experience in non-traditional community events (online/offline), such as:

  • Twitter chats

  • Town halls

  • Unconferences/Barcamps

  • Meetups

  • Hackathons/developer days

  • Community forums & roundtables

  • Design sprints

measure + report

All of the efforts will be tracked and analyzed on a regular basis to ensure you meet the goals we set together. What we learn here, we use to improve our efforts every day.


  • Growth analysis

  • Audience engagement analysis

  • Milestone monitoring

  • Content performance analysis

  • A/B Testing + Landing Page Optimization

  • Competitive Benchmarking Reports

  • Trend Monitoring Reports

  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Reports

  • Insight reports and recommendations

We believe in listening and research so much that we never stop. From beginning, through implementation, and then adjusting, we are constantly learning so that you can stay ahead of your audience and deliver the best stories, the clearest messages and the most useful information. Truly. has been recognized as a top Market Research Company on DesignRush.

Additional Expertise:

  • Project Management

  • Talent Sourcing

  • Presentations Design/Delivery

  • Public Speaking/Training

  • Brand Development

  • Business Model Development

  • Web Standards Development

  • Open Source Communities/Developer Communities

  • Copywriting & Editing

  • Email Marketing/Newsletter Development

  • Event planning